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Our company which was established in Denizli in 2003, continues its activities in production facilities with a closed area of 15,000 m² today.

Our main activities are; dyeing, finishing, digital printing processes and sales of single jersey made of mixed yarns, rib, interlock, two-yarn, three-yarn and similar knitted fabrics made of cotton, polyester, bamboo, viscose and blended yarns.

To add value to fabric with our technological, innovative, sustainable production methods and dynamic human resources for everyone who seeks quality and trust in their lives.

To be a group of companies that includes global brands and offers these brands to the whole world.


As Urhan Tekstil; we make the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals our corporate culture for our environment and our future, and we direct our production in line with our sectoral activities for which we are responsible.

We are working to develop smart production and consumption methods in order to meet today's needs without destroying the resources of future generations.

We are striving to be a company that takes an active role in solving these problems that concern our world and our future.


To fulfill all our responsibilities towards the environment, society and our customers, which are our most important values, within the framework of sustainability,

To fully perceive and meet the customer's expectations of quality, price, delivery time and social compliance and to ensure the continuity of customer satisfaction,

To foresee and prevent the risks that may be encountered in terms of quality and safety in the product at the earliest stage by using scientific methods and thus to aim for zero error...


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