Energy Management System Certificate

As the world's non-renewable resources are used, energy prices are increasing due to the decrease in reserves. Reducing energy consumption not only reduces expenses and costs, but also allows the protection of the natural environment.

ISO 50001 International Energy Management Standard published in 2011; Like other ISO standards, it is based on the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Measure) cycle and facilitates its integration into existing systems. The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources also supports the projects carried out by the companies with the regulation published to increase the efficiency in energy, which is becoming increasingly important today. For this purpose, in June 2022, energy survey work was carried out in our enterprise and our preparatory work for the Energy Management System process began.

Urhan Tekstil A.Ş. has successfully completed the ISO 50001:2018 Energy Management System certification process, which will systematize compliance with energy legislation on a global scale, contribute to increasing energy efficiency and encourage more effective energy management, identify areas of improvement, help take action, reduce CO2 emissions and guide in these processes.

In this context, our goal is; to make our eco friendly policies sustainable by increasing energy efficiency with the awareness of responsibility for the environment and to contribute to the country's economy in the field of energy with more efficient production.

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