Our Policies


  • To fulfill all our responsibilities towards the environment, society and our customers, which are our most important values, within the framework of sustainability,
  • To fully perceive and meet the customer's expectations of quality, price, delivery time and social compliance and to ensure the continuity of customer satisfaction,
  • To foresee and prevent the risks that may be encountered in terms of quality and safety in the product at the earliest stage by using scientific methods and thus to aim for zero error,
  • To follow all kinds of technological developments that will reduce cost and increase profitability and to ensure that they are put into practice,
  • To ensure the effectiveness of the quality management system and continuous improvement,
  • To continuously evaluate the risks and opportunities that may affect the suitability of products and services and to carry out improvement and development activities,
  • To determine the standard ways of doing business and to provide the same quality at every point where it produces,
  • To carry out a quality management system that considers the relationship between the company's processes and to align this system with a simple philosophy,
  • To ensure the participation of all employees in line with the aims and objectives of the company within the framework of quality systems, to continuously increase the quality level by giving importance to teamwork in order to become people who can use their talents at the highest level,
  • To carry out continuous improvement and development activities by working in cooperation with suppliers,
  • We are committed to being an exemplary organization that respects the society and environment we are in and to contribute to the country's economy by continuously improving its business volume.



  • To meet the responsibilities and obligations in the National Occupational Health and Safety legislation, to comply with the International Occupational Health and Safety Standards and to fulfill its requirements,
  • To plan, implement, develop and continuously improve the necessary measures by evaluating all risks and opportunities in order to provide healthy and safe environments for our employees,
  • To prefer technologies that prioritize occupational safety,
  • To take measures to eliminate hazards at their source,
  • To ensure the participation and consultation of our employees,
  • To provide trainings to increase the occupational health and safety culture of our employees,
  • To provide trainings for the protection of our employees against accidents, injuries, diseases and the correct or complete use of personal protective equipment,
  • To protect all its employees in case of emergencies and to be always prepared for emergencies,
  • We are committed to ensuring and improving the continuity of our occupational health and safety management system.



As Urhan Tekstil, we attach importance to environmental policies in order to leave a cleaner and livable world to future generations and we renew ourselves every day in this regard. The rapid decrease in natural resources, climate change, global warming and the increase in population are among the most important problems of the world we live in. In this context, we carry out our environmental and social responsibility activities within the understanding of sustainability and make investments in this regard by giving importance to clean and renewable energy.

To comply with the T.C. International Environmental Legislation and other conditions for which we are responsible and in force, until the end of the life of all products and processes from their design to the end of their life;

  • To prevent environmental pollution and to reduce pollution at its source,
  • To use energy, water and other natural resources efficiently,
  • Reduce the use of natural resources and address the consumption of reusable and recyclable materials as much as possible.
  • To ensure the protection of biodiversity by respecting the ecosystem.
  • To raise awareness of employees about energy efficiency, water conservation and the environment, and to organize training programs in order to ensure that they are aware of their individual responsibilities related to the subject,
  • To prefer ecological raw materials and technologies,
  • To carry out waste management in line with legal legislation and international standards,
  • To provide the necessary information and resources by considering environmental factors in new investments in order to achieve goals and objectives,
  • To share and disseminate the results of environmental improvements, customers, subcontractors, suppliers, employees with the society,
  • To continuously improve and review the environmental management system in line with the targets,
  • We are committed to providing the relevant requirements and compliance obligations set by the relevant parties to carry out our production and other activities.



As a company that has adopted the main objective of reducing energy consumption and costs, increasing long-term environmental and economic sustainability for energy efficiency in production and all its activities;

  • To comply with the energy legislation of the Republic of Turkey, for which we are responsible and in force, other conditions that we are obliged to comply with, and to provide the target values of greenhouse gas emissions determined in the Paris Climate Agreement,
  • Reviewing energy performance in line with energy goals and objectives and ensuring continuous improvement and reducing energy density,
  • To prioritize energy efficiency in the design of systems and processes,
  • To fulfill the legal and other obligations related to energy,
  • To supply energy efficient products with continuous follow-up of technologies and to realize the service purchases that will support this in the most accurate and effective way,
  • To ensure that the requirements of the energy efficiency system are fulfilled by including the employees in the energy efficiency system and to ensure that their ideas and suggestions are received,
  • To raise awareness and encourage our employees, suppliers and stakeholders on energy efficiency,
  • To contribute to the country's economy by using energy efficiently,
  • To ensure the effective use of information and resources to achieve goals and objectives,
  • To use renewable energy sources effectively,
  • To fulfill the legal responsibilities related to energy and to ensure that technology-related R&D studies are carried out,
  • To gradually reduce the use of natural resources within the framework of energy efficiency,
  • To reduce energy consumption through new developing technologies in proportion to the growth trend of the company,
  • We are committed to providing basic trainings to cover energy efficiency to all personnel and new employees within the company and to creating energy efficiency awareness.



Employing personnels, who are the main asset of our organization and the most important element that will lead to success, ensuring that they work effectively and appropriately, developing their competencies, keeping employee satisfaction and motivation at high levels

  • To ensure the employment of personnels who are competent, have human values, are open to development and are prone to teamwork to achieve the goals aimed by our institution,
  • To ensure the continuous development of the employees' performances by evaluating them,
  • To ensure that the studies that will contribute to the institution are encouraged and rewarded,
  • To organize trainings for all employees in a way that will ensure their development and contribute to the organization,
  • To create opportunities to ensure the development of employees,
  • ​We are committed to respecting the personality of the personnel and protecting their rights.
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