We set out from the necessity of investing in renewable energy and bringing energy efficiency in order for the world to switch to accessible, reliable and sustainable energy systems and we have included the 7.2 and 7.3 sub-titles of article 7 one of the United Nations Global Development Goals for the medium and long-term goals of our company.

In this context, we have obtained a 1.7 MW solar power plant installation license to be installed on our factory roof, based on the principle of investing in renewable energy sources. With the power plant investment we will make, we aim to meet 30% of our electrical energy needs from our own power plant. In addition to the projects we are implementing to increase energy efficiency, we are rapidly continuing the works of the projects that we will implement in the future.

In our world with limited resources, we aim to be more competitive in international markets and to leave a more livable world to the future with our investments to increase renewable energy and energy efficiency.

In order to support inclusive and sustainable industrialization and strengthen innovation, according to the 9.4.1 subtitle of the development goals, we have carried out technical transformation in our production lines in the last year increasing our natural gas usage rate and significantly reducing our carbon footprint.

According to the 9.5 subtitle in the same article, we have included the decision to establish our R&D center in order to increase our technological competence and create sustainable and original value within our short-term goals.

Within the scope of this target, we have realized productivity-enhancing projects in order to ensure the sustainable management and effective use of natural resources under the 12.2 subtitle. Due to the improvements we have made in our processes and machines with these projects, we have reduced our total water consumption by 30% in 2023. We aim to reduce our current water consumption by 20% until 2025.

We have included the principle of responsible chemical and waste management which constitutes the scope of the 12.4 subtitle among our company's production targets. In this context, we supply chemicals and dyestuffs in accordance with ZDHC standards and the chemical lists prohibited by the global brands we work with.

In addition, we treat our waste water in our advanced technology biological and chemical treatment plants in a way that meets the waste management standards of the global brands we work with and the environmental regulations of our country.

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